Your Guide to Starry Night Soaks

Your Guide to Starry Night Soaks

Ready for starry night soaks?

At Townley Pool and Spa, we’re always looking for more ways to spend quality time with our families and even time in nature spent in solitude. We think self-care is important, and whether you want a solitary soak or one filled with family, you’re well on your way to hydrotherapy-filled wellness!

In this article, we look at a unique way to spend time in your hot tub for your starry night soaks. Here’s your guide to starry night soaks. All you have to do is grab your towel and your favorite playlist, wait for the sun to set, hop into your hot tub, and look toward the stars. Here are some tips for the best stargazing options.

#1: Check the Forecast

This is vital because, of course, you can’t see the stars on a cloudy, rainy, or snow-filled night.

In addition, during the summer, you want to avoid hazy days because the stars won’t be as clear.

#2: Look Past Sundown

According to Go Stargazing, “The best time to go stargazing is the days before, during, and soon after each new moon, when there is no moon in the sky.”

Stargazers find that full moons wash out the light from the stars. So, even though you may think a full moon is perfect for stargazing, it’s actually not. When the moon is at its brightest, you won’t see many stars.

The sky is at its darkest around the new moon, so this is your best time.

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#3: Ditch the Lights

Like many hot tub owners, you may have lights hanging above your hot tub or in the trees for ambiance. You might also have some lights on in the backyard or television screens.

For perfect stargazing late at night, you do want to turn these off. This way, you have the best view of the night sky. Say goodbye to light pollution and hello to the magnificent universe.

#4: Pick the Right Time of Year

The best times to observe the stars are fall, winter, and spring. Interestingly, summer is not the best time because of the long days and short nights. It takes the skies longer to get dark, and the sun comes up earlier in the morning.

Once you set your clocks back, you have an extra hour of night, so this is the best time period for stargazing. Just be sure to prepare for the weather – you can’t go wrong with staying warm in your hot tub!

#5: Know What You’re Looking For

Many of us know a few constellations, but if you’re not an avid sky watcher, it can be hard to know what’s what. You can certainly use your phone to help you identify the stars, and your kids will really appreciate it. Here’s a list of great resources:

Final Thoughts on Starry Night Soaks

With these handy tips, you’re ready to discover the infinite universe.

If you’re soaking alone or with a crowd, you’ll love the peace and quiet of the outdoors and the magnificence of the stars right from your own hot tub. Don’t have one? We’d love to help! Contact us today!

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