Invest in Your Wellness

You want a hot tub, but you heard there’s a bit of a wait. While that’s true, we can assure you a new spa is a lifelong investment in your wellness that is well worth the wait.

While global demand for hot tubs and pools is at historic highs, we do want to give you hope. With the best brand in hot tub, Hot Spring Spas, you can rest assured your top notch hot tub will provide you a lifetime of wellness.

In this article, we look at why you should wait to invest in your wellness with Hot Spring Spas.

Here are Five Reasons You’ll be Glad You Waited

  1. Nearly everyone in the spa industry is experiencing heightened demand and a longer wait time. So, if you’re going to wait for a new hot tub, why not wait for the best in the business? When you take your first soak in your Hot Spring Spas you’ll be so glad you waited and didn’t compromise on lesser quality!
  2. All Hot Spring spas are built to provide years of enjoyment. We even have owners using their hot tub for 20+ years! Putting that into perspective makes the wait something you can definitely do!
  3. Since you have a bit of a wait for your new hot tub, you can take this time to prepare. You can pick out the perfect spot, put in a deck, patio, or concrete pad if you need, and make sure you have the proper electrical requirements. If you have questions, we can definitely help!
  4. You can take the time to plan your new routine. Will you greet the day with a cup of coffee and a soak, take an afternoon hot-tub break with the kids, or gaze up at the stars as powerful jets wash away the stress of the day? How about all three! However you fit it into your day, a Hot Spring spa provides a much needed get-away, right in your own backyard.
  5. A Hot Spring spa is an investment in wellness. Your hot tub will always be there for you to help you feel better every single day. If you’re sore from a workout, have arthritis, can’t sleep, want to exercise, or need a space to spend quality time with loved ones, your hot tub is right out your back door.

How Long is the Wait?

That can be hard to pin down at this time, but we can help you with a timeline. It depends when you place your order and even where it is being built. We are in regular contact with Hot Spring Spas and will keep you informed along the way.

We do advise you to order your new hot tub as soon as possible! This way you are high up on the list. You will receive your hot tub sooner by placing your order today!

If you’re ready to prioritize you and invest in your wellness, come see us. We can’t wait to show you why we LOVE to soak every day and make every day better!