Meet Alex® Water Testing

Meet Alex® Water Testing

Alex water testing is your friend when you open your pool, close your pool, and all season long! This computerized water testing program is vital to the health and clarity of your swimming pool.

The Alex water testing program was developed by BioGuard, and they are pioneers in this field. No other water testing software an come close. As industry leaders in their field, BioGuard has developed an amazing system, and we offer it to you for free!

When Opening or Closing Your Pool

We use Alex water testing to run you a FREE computerized report when you open your pool, close your pool, and on an ongoing basis ALL season long.

When it comes time to open OR close your pool, we encourage you to bring us an initial sample or a final sample of your water. We also want you to tell us if this is either your first water sample of the season of if it is your final sample before closing your pool.

Why? For your pool closing, we’ll tell Alex to run a different kind of report – the closing report. Alex will tell us just what chemicals you need to add to your pool before closing.

When should you bring us this sample? Bring it to us within two days of closing your pool.

At this point, perhaps you’re wondering just who is this Alex fella? Let’s meet meet Alex® Water Testing.

ALEX® Water Testing

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and continues to research and refine the process.

Today, ALEX, our computerized water analysis system, provides accurate results in an instant.

All you have to do is bring us a water sample from your pool or spa to get personalized step-by-step instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. It’s that easy!

How is BioGuard’s ALEX water testing different?

Here accuracy counts, and we have it! Our test is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at poolside or a self-driven analysis using a computer or mobile application.

That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may be influencing each other in order to avoid trial and error. Being right the first time saves you time and money.

On top of that, we have trained and certified local water care experts.

We’ll walk you through the results explain anything you might have questions about. Our ALEX recommendations will be sound based upon the way you care for your pool and the accumulated knowledge of all your previous water tests.

Our goal is that you are not only be satisfied with the performance results, but that you gain confidence in the products and advice you receive.

The Value of a Professional Water Test

The vital first step to understanding what your pool water needs to be ready for swimming (or pool closing) is the water test. Testing for the key parameters helps ensure your maintenance tasks are fewer and more effective. It helps you avoid unnecessary, time-consuming treatments in the future.

The best course of action is to have an in-depth water analysis done at Townley Pool and Spa using our state-of-the-art ALEX® system. ALEX (shorthand for “Analysis Expert”) tests not only for the basic parameters found in many home test kits or mobile apps, but it tests for several more conditions that can hamper water quality and comfort and impact your pool surfaces and equipment.

More importantly, an ALEX test shows how these parameters can impact each other, not merely tell you what the levels are. That aspect of the test is critical if you want to fix problems the first time and avoid a lot of trial and error.

We have the highest level of training in the industry plus years of experience to help interpret those results and tailor them specifically to your unique pool or spa specs and treatment habits.

Don’t guess or do things halfway. Visit us so you are sure your water gets the best treatment possible.

Why should I test my water?

Water testing is important to achieve and maintain a safer swimmer environment. It’s also important when opening or closing your pool. Water chemistry can be quite complex with all the different factors.

For example, if your water is out of balance or your pH isn’t in the right range it can cause problems, such as equipment damage and swimmer discomfort.

Balanced water also contributes to the effectiveness of other products so it is an important start to your water care regimen.

How often should I get my water tested?

We recommend you get your water tested when you open and close your pool.

In season we recommend testing every two weeks or minimum at least once a month. The amount of use and environmental factors can easily change water conditions and staying on things will prevent issues that may prove troublesome to correct if neglected.

Why did BioGuard name the water testing software ALEX?

ALEX stands for analysis expert, which is who we are!