When Can You Swim After Shocking Your Pool?

When Can You Swim After Shocking Your Pool

You know you need to shock your pool. But do you know when you can swim after shocking your pool?

In this article, we not only answer that question, but we look at the importance of pool shock. First, let’s look more at pool shock.

What Is Pool Shock?

Your pool gets contaminated on a daily basis during the swim season. These contaminants may be in the form of lotions, sunscreen, hair spray, body oils, pet dander, cosmetics, perspiration, leaves algae, and even urine.

While you do have chemicals in your pool to keep the water clean and clear, you do need to shock your pool regularly (every one-two weeks) to help keep the contaminants under control.

Adding shock to your water kills the contaminants and helps balance your water. Think of shock as the powerhouse pool cleaner that gives your regular chemicals a boost.

The Value of Shocking Your Pool

Pool shock performs a vital function in the care of your swimming pool. First, it immediately raises chlorine levels. Next, it removes contaminants and clears up cloudy water.

This video explains the importance of shocking your pool.

I Thought Shock was Just for Problems

It’s important to destroy contaminants from the environment and from bathers. Shocking your pool is the best step to do this. Using shock or oxidizers destroys organic contaminants, removes combined chlorine, and helps restore your water clarity.

Shocking your should be part of your regular pool maintenance. It does help with troubleshooting. But when you use it as part of your routine care, it removes contaminants that cause cloudy water and helps keep your water crystal clear and sparkling.

When Can You Swim After Shocking My Pool?

Now, it’s time to answer the question.

Generally speaking, it’s ok to swim in your pool about 24 hours after you shock it. You can also test your water and make sure your free chlorine level has returned to 3 ppm or less.

That being said, if you use BioGuard’s SmartShock, you can treat your pool and be swimming in just 15 minutes. If you don’t want to wait 24 hours to swim after shocking your pool, come see us! Our trusted and true, high quality chemicals can have you swimming much sooner!

If you have algae, make sure the algae is completely gone before swimming.

As always, if you have questions, please ask! We are here to help you.