5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Early

5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Early

If you are like many of our pool owners who close their pools during the winter, you are probably getting the itch to open yours once February is in the rearview window.

Summer is right around the corner, and you can’t wait to enjoy your sparkling clear pool.

We always recommend opening early and closing late. When you open your pool in March or even April, your pool is swim-ready by May! Plus, there are so many more reasons. Let’s look at the five reasons to open your pool early.

#1: You Enjoy Your Pool Longer

If you want to get the most out of your pool, you want to close it late and open it early. When you open sooner, you can enjoy your pool longer.

And if you have a pool heater, you can enjoy a nice swim for several months before the scorching heat of summer is upon us.

You also have a ready place for your kids to spend their weekends. Say goodbye to them staring at their cellphones all day. Because your pool is warmed by the heater, your family can enjoy the weekends in the pool. Your kids can invite their friends over, and your backyard pool becomes the focal point well before May!

#2: Your Pool Opens Easier

When you open earlier, you increase your odds of opening a clean and clear pool. If you wait too long, your winter pool chemicals can burn off. Your water isn’t circulating, and algae take over.

But, if you open early, you can hopefully avoid any costly issues.

Algae is not something you want in your pool. So, opening your pool early is the best way to stop algae growth before it becomes a monster to take care of.

Another thing to consider is pollen. As it starts to fall, you’ll be glad your pool is open because your water is circulating all day and night. This makes it harder for the pollen to cause issues for you.

As March and April heat up, you’ll be glad that you’ve opened your pool!

#3: You Have Time for Repairs

Sometimes when you open your pool, you find you need to make some repairs. Perhaps your liner is torn, and you have loose accessories or cracks that need to be dealt with.

When you open your pool early, you have time to deal with these repairs before everyone wants in the pool because it’s hot.

#4: You Save Money

Open your pool early, and you could save money.

While you are running your pool system longer, you will find that you may save money on chemicals. Why? This is because opening your pool early keeps algae and other bacteria at bay.

In addition, you can attend to any repairs before they get worse!

#5: You Get Your Pool Open Date

Another key thing to think about is having your pool open by the date you want it open.

When you schedule your pool opening with us early, you have a better chance of getting your preferred opening date!

So, get a head start on the season and schedule your pool opening now!

Final Thoughts

Have we convinced you yet? Now that you have our five reasons for opening your pool early give us a call and get on our schedule!

We want to get your pool up and running for you early, so it’s ready to use the minute you are!

As Little Rock’s premier pool store, you can count on us to do it right every time!