Stumped on those last few gifts? Watch as Jessica Townley shares some great gift ideas for you in multiple price ranges!

The holidays are here, and this special grill is the only outdoor ceramic kamado style charcoal grill you will ever need … or want! It’s truly the “Ultimate Cooking Experience!”

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Check out David’s newest video as he talks all things Christmas and Hannukah gifts at Townley! We are here to help! Plus, it’s a new product alert.

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Where do you go during the hectic holiday season for a little bit of calm and some quiet moments alone?

Whether it’s your hot tub, back porch, or a reading nook with a cup of hot cocoa, the most important thing for a healthy holiday season is finding a place for a little solitude, rest, and relaxation. Read more

We’re so excited to bring you LIT Handlers, these exciting new items fresh off Shark Tank! They make great gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season! Learn more about this Texas business created by Destiny Padgett and see the Shark Tank episode. Then come see us and pick up some LIT Handlers for the holidays. Read more

Thanksgiving is almost here, and the holidays are upon us. This means your digestive tract will be working overtime.

If you’re like most of us, you over-indulge at Thanksgiving and during the holidays. If so, you know what inevitably comes – that feeling of being overly full and uncomfortable. Sound like you? We’ve got a tip that can help!

In this article, we look at how you can relive that over-stuffed feeling and say goodbye to digestion issues for good…

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Whether you’re spending the evening with family or having a small group over, it’s time to shake up your Halloween evening get-together. How? Take it into the backyard around your hot tub.  Let’s look at how you can have a tricked-out tub for Halloween. Read more

Halloween is right around the corner. You’re probably busy planning the costumes for yourself and your family.

One of the reasons we like Halloween so much is we can transport ourselves to another time and place by becoming our characters as we dress up for the evening. Read more

Plan your tailgate with these amazing tips!

Tailgating season is here, and you know that at Townley Pool and Spa we love grilling, and we love tailgating! Read more

Do you like to stand under the water during your shower, letting the cascading waterfall over your head? Have you ever wondered why it makes you feel good? Do you like to soak in a bathtub? How about the swimming pool, a river or lake, or the ocean?

Why do we love being in the water? We uncover the answer below.

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