Pool Nets for Proper Pool Maintenance

Did you know there are different tools for different pool issues? In this article, we look at pool nets for proper pool maintenance.

You’ll enjoy your pool and your pool water more if you keep your pool clean and tidy. Plus, by cleaning on a regular basis, you avoid costly damage to your actual equipment.

Two Types of Nets

When you have debris on the pool surface or pool floor, there are two different types of nets you can use.

Dip Net


A dip net is a flat, light duty net that fits on the end of a standard pool pole. You use it for light skimming of the water’s surface. You can then remove floating debris such as bugs, small leaves, and more.leaf rakePOOL LEAF RAKE

When larger items sink to your pool floor, a pool leaf rake is the better choice.

The net is still attached to the end of a pole, but you use it to do the heavy lifting of items off the bottom of the pool.

It’s important to remove the large debris off the pool floor before you vacuum your pool. Why? It’s potentially dangerous to your pool plumbing and equipment. If you accidentally vacuum up large debris, you can clog the vacuum hose or plumbing. You’ll then end up with circulation issues in your pool.

Bottom line, you need both a dip net and a leaf rake for proper pool maintenance.

In this informative video, David talks about the different pool net options. You’ll learn more about the difference between dipping out leaves and vacuuming leaves.